In October 2016, at one of the world leading centres of genomic research, the BioData World Congress will bring you the people and the issues that are shaping the science and the business in the drive towards precision medicine.

Held with the support of the Sanger Institute, the EBI the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and The Pistoia Alliance, the BioData World Congress aims to showcase innovation, demonstrate success and break
through the obstacles and barriers to ensure that the innovations in genomics get to the patient with speed and efficiency.

With a mixture of keynote sessions, roundtables, focused work tracks, site visits, product demonstrations and networking parties, this event will push the boundaries in order to realise the power of big data in precision medicine.

Challenges that will be looked into include:

  • How to manage data generated in bioinformatics

  • How to utilise NGS to develop more targeted therapeutics

  • How to practically apply genomic data in precision medicine

  • Utilizing the Cloud for collaborative research

  • Developing secure information systems

  • Ethical considerations in the sharing of genomic data

  • How to transition big data into the clinic

  • How to access open source technologies in LS research

  • How to apply big data analytics to mine information



Download the agenda for a full overview about:

  • Event speakers
  • Event programme
  • Event format
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Our community
  • Prices and discounts
  • And much more!

BioData World Congress 2016


For speaking opportunities, contact
Edward  Glanville at +44 207 092 1196  or


World BIoData Congress