Drug safety must continue to evolve to meet heightened patient expectations and the fluctuating regulatory climate. It is becoming critical to exploit opportunities offered by emerging technologies, big data and personalised healthcare. To succeed in this new environment, we need to assess the regulatory updates; we need to examine how to implement regulations strategically and operationally in addition to discussing ways to ensure transparency in drug safety. Managing multiple stakeholders successfully is key – integrating patients, physicians, drug manufacturers, regulators and consumers together will enable industry and partners to devise effective drug safety strategies and decisions going forward.

The 9th World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2016 will bring together industry pioneers to explore global challenges in drug safety. This is your opportunity to engage and sit alongside key opinion leaders who are bucking industry trends in pharmacovigilance.

Here's your top 10 reasons to attend the event in 2016:

  1. Hear updates from key agencies including MHRA and PRAC
  2. Explore strategies for best practice in benefit-risk management
  3. Discover the building blocks for a proactive drug safety culture
  4. Assess how to manage continued challenges in the European pharmacovigilance legislation
  5. Gain fresh insights into requirements and the future of drug safety
  6. Rethink approaches to signal detection, management and evaluation
  7. Examine how to respond to heightened patient expectations throughout drug safety processes
  8. Evaluate the latest benefit-risk assessment approaches
  9. Examine the ways to sustain transparency in pharmacovigilance operations
  10. Learn how to leverage the power of emerging technologies for effective pharmacovigilance




Download the 2016 frochure for an overview about:

  • Event speakers
  • Event programme
  • Event format
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Our community
  • Prices and discounts
  • How you can get involved
  • And much more!

Drug Safety Europe 2016 brochure


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